PS Security as a Service

PeopleSoft Security as a Service; One time set up / clean up with ongoing maintenance included

A good security model is not too restrictive or too lenient and focuses on an organization’s security and users’ productivity. We understand an organization may have various security requirements such as: two factor authentication, add monitoring alerts, add auditable controls, cleanup user access, consolidate PeopleSoft roles, define user access by job duties, automate user provisioning or enforce separation of duties. ERPA’s Security as a Service (SECaaS) provides all types of PeopleSoft security needs. Using security analytics, we uncover and address security loopholes using automation, monitoring, and standard procedures. ERPA’s Security as a Service not only takes care of existing data security needs, it also meets future needs by maintaining the security model with a periodic Risk Access Monitoring Plan and access review activities.

Benefits of ERPA’s Security as a Service:

  • Free up users’ time by 90% on security related access requests
  • Assist in periodic internal and external audit activities
  • Audit trail of sensitive data modifications
  • Audit trail of access assigned/removed including Periodic Access Reviews
  • Periodic Risk Access Monitoring Plan (RAMP) activities
  • Security by Employees’ Job Duties
  • Data Driven Security
  • Workflow and Role Ownership based security
  • Audit & Compliance Daily Alerts – PeopleSoft
  • Audit & Compliance Daily Alerts – PS Database
  • Audit – Separation of Duties
  • Firewall Security Reports and Dashboards

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End-to-End-Automated Access and Monitoring Controls for PeopleSoft Application