Testing as a Service


Automated Testing as a Service; Free up your User Testing Time by 80%

Benefits – Automated Testing as a Service:

  • Our pre-created test scripts using your setup data resulting in savings of 80% testing time
  • Integrated end- to -end testing between PeopleSoft modules; and PeopleSoft and non-PeopleSoft applications
  • Our intelligent test scripts handle user decisions, errors and warnings
  • Assure Quality before a change is migrated
  • Catch anomalies before applying bundles/ patches
  • A repeatable, automated testing lifecycle pro­vides quality and efficiency

TaaS Use Cases

Student Center page can be tested using 5000+ concurrent student users.

W2, Pay Check, T&L submission, Expense submission pages can be tested using 500+ concurrent users.

Multiple functional test scripts can be executed by different users in separate PS modules at the same time.

Service will include load testing using all devices, all browsers, all mobile-OS. ERPA’s pre-created stress/load scripts include simulation of real thinking (or wait) time

Result -> : Measured response time of system, applications, modules, and pages

Result -> : Reports & Dashboards will include compared response time across different times, browsers, and Devices

Management Reporting, Dashboards:

Test results include screenshots of all test actions showing all mouse clicks and keyboard actions to comply with Change Management, Quality Assurance, Testing and Training Documentation

PeopleSoft and Non-PeopleSoft Integrated Testing:

Testing as a Service during Project Lifecycle:


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