Strategic Data Road Maps

Our senior consultants with their vast Industry Experience can deliver large scale Enterprise Data Solutions. This combined with their knowledge of open tech stack aids in delivering Transformative Data Roadmaps.

They typically consider Total Cost of Ownership, Regulatory & Compliance Demands, Infrastructure Limitations, Organizational Readiness, Consumption Patterns etc. before publishing a gap analysis and roadmap(s).

Organizations benefit from our experts who not only understand the high value insights but are also very familiar with nuances of data preparation.

Data Governance

Our team leverages a combined experience of more than 100 years in delivering comprehensive and highly scalable Data Management solutions.

Data Management & Governance

Creating an enterprise wide governance methodology and developing a robust Master Data Management Platform are critical for successful implementation of any data assets. Viability of every ‘actionable insight’ that is derived and leveraged, depends on ‘standardized & certified’ metadata structures underneath Data Consumption Channels.

Our team delivers successful implementation of an enterprise MDM framework that helps accelerate Discovery, Model Creation and Insights.

Visualization and Analytics

Data visualization tools and frameworks helps businesses communicate their strengths and opportunities in a comprehensive manner. We leverage our metadata driven build frameworks and our expertise in Visualization tools in delivering comprehensive story books for various consumption patterns.

Digital Campaign Effectiveness: Our team created personalized, interactive data visualizations and dashboards for one of our retail customers to help them understand their Campaign Effectiveness and take necessary actions. Our dashboards measured some of the key KPIs such as Traffic Generation, Demographic Coverage, Conversion Rates, Trending of Revenues and Sentiment Analysis. This helped the organization to more effectively evaluate how their strategies are working and be ahead of competition.

IT Vulnerability Scans Analysis: The visualizations provided by our team in this area helped one of our financial customers get an insight into the IT risks faced by the organization, at any point in time and across different time periods. This helped them understand the business areas and applications with higher risk so they can apply the required patches immediately to reduce any security loopholes in the IT Assets. Thus, data loss and data leakages risks were avoided.

Operational Dashboards: These dashboards helped visualization & monitoring of the daily client operations at a glance in real time, followed by drill down into the details that matter. These were used to track the status of job runs across different platforms, projects and applications. Issues were identified before they spin out of control, and quickly communicated with key players to take action when required.

Data Warehouse Modernization

Exploding TCO of enterprise data footprint coupled with disruptive technologies in Bigdata & Machine Learning are forcing almost every corporation to modernize their existing DW/BI assets.

‘Spaghetti’ looking data assets, ever increasing TCO, inconsistent information delivery are some of the issues forcing all Enterprises to develop Transformational Data Roadmaps and executing them.

Need for Decision Engines to be very close to transaction, highly actionable insights and destructive technologies based on Machine Learning, Neural Networks are forcing organizations to look for quicker migration processes while making sure all data sets are properly ‘standardized & certified’.

For every insight that drives business value, there’s enormous heavy lifting and preparation of data while preserving cardinal tenets of data integrity (registration, profiling, lineage, certification, MDM, standard reference data) is mandatory.