Big Data

Data ‘disruption’ is impacting businesses in all industries. Most organizations are struggling to manage the three Vs of data: Velocity, Variety, and Volume. The speed at which data is required, the infrastructure to efficiently handle the sheer amount of data, and knowledge to know what type of data matters, is part of what we do every day.

By leveraging our Guided Value Map process, we deliver Big Data solutions that make an immediate business impact. Whether the need is for risk/compliance solutions, operational intelligence solutions, or strategic growth solutions, ERPA has the team of data scientists, with deep expertise in fast data, Hadoop, and data strategy management, that can help you achieve your goals.

With pre-built tools and micro-services already deployed today, ERPA answers the most pressing questions faced by chief data officers:

  • What data should I capture and analyze?
  • Can I capture data across all systems to ensure a holistic view?
  • What are the appropriate fraud/risk indicators and how do I measure them?
  • How do I turn the data into actionable intelligence?
  • How can I reduce data maintenance costs?

Whether the need is data storage, archival, movement, management, testing, analytics, or security, ERPA is the big data partner that delivers speed to value and data solutions that make a real impact to your business.