Higher Education

Higher Education institutions are under more pressure than ever to manage operational costs and expenses, maintain regulatory compliance, and produce a user experience for students and faculty that drives student recruitment, retention, and success.

Organizations look to ERPA when they are in need of deep Industry and product expertise to meet their operational goals. Whether they are concerned with the sustainability of their depleting workforce, are in need of business guidance on how to make meaningful steps toward system performance, or have concerns about the future of their technology investment; ERPA is the System Integrator of choice to organizations that are looking for a partner that they can trust and an advisor they can depend on.

ERPA’s Guided Value Map methodology enables institutions to leverage our extensive experience on over 1500 projects at over 500 institutions to their success. Our Higher Education experts ensure alignment of technology solutions with business strategy, providing deep business value in the areas of:


  • Campus Solutions
  • Human Capital Management
  • Financial Supply Chain Management

Oracle Business Intelligence

Oracle Cloud Applications

  • Campus Cloud
  • HCM Cloud
  • ERP Cloud

We create successful, enduring business partnerships through our Managed Projects, Managed Services Cloud Hosting, and Consulting solutions. We are proud to offer one of the nation’s largest Oracle centric core workforces and a robust US based Oracle lab, all with over 10 years of industry and technology experience.